History of the Company

Behsaz Energy Engineering Co. is one of the Iranian best and modern manufacturers of smart systems that its workers attempts make people homes warm. All managers and employers of the company undoubtedly acknowledge that continuation of this industrial unit‘s operation depends on customer‘s satisfaction either in interior or exterior markets.

Leaders of the company try to answer customer‘s needs by applying systematic, permanent and documentary methods and fulfill their commitment.

In early 2000, in the years that a few companies, with the goal of localizing modern technologies and adapting more findings to construction industry needs in Iran, started serious and constant attempts to consider energy conservation models in construction industry specially about decreasing smart system of mechanical room‘s gas, this company‘s experts, in cooperation with scientific and research centers, started studies. Consideration of unique specifications of construction industry in Iran including differences of spread climate, special patterns of energy consuming in different points of the country, traditional constructional areas, climate variety, cultural features of every area, has seriously challenged finding needed  patterns for designing smart controlling system of mechanical room. So, producing practical phase of first smart production named ESC-807 started in 2006 by Iranian experts’ determination and appropriate investment, and then distributed in 2007.

On the other hand, this product, after passing one year tests and examinations in 2008, could successfully achieve approval of Iranian Fuel Conservation Company.

The company’s strategy was creating a new product, having following advantages in comparison with its similar products:

  1. Effective operation in reduction of energy consumption in buildings’ central mechanical rooms.
  2. Appropriate price for consumers
  3. Reduction of energy consumption cost in family costs
  4. Supporting reduction of emissions caused by fossil fuel
  5. Easy installation
  6. 24 hour vast supporting services
  7. Capability of being implemented in residential, office, commercial, sport,…… buildings

Private and governmental increasing and outstanding demands of this distributed product with Behsaz Energy brand put heavier responsibility on experts and managers shoulders. A responsibility that has got a fresh face after targeted subsidies process.

In conditions that foreigner similar samples didn’t have sufficient effectiveness and made high cost and some manufacturers were hurriedly going toward increase of selling and profiting, this company started a modern movement with a professional and critical vision, with the emphasis on quality of product instead of quantity, and also with analyzing achieved technical statistics and information through installed systems and with paying attention to main principle, customer satisfaction specially in supporting and after-sales services departments, since 2010. Results of studies declare that society already has high expectations for us something more than manufacturing products just with operation of fuel consumption reduction and as a result, reduction of costs, and also needs a different product with different operation and performance. So, instead of developing available products what other competing companies did, a thought of creating a product to save former achievements, what was a great step toward developing operational technology and satisfaction of consumers, formed in the company.

 It is necessary to announce with great delight that the company’s new product, named ESC-846 (the most advanced mechanical room smart system), come to practical manufacturing phase after that Iranian experts researched for approximately 2 years and a lot of money noticeably was invested.

This product has resolved shortcomings of interior and foreigner similar products and the company’s old machine, and has considered and used strengths of similar products.

According to beginning of targeted subsidies process and increase of consumers’ problems in separation of energy and water costs, the company’s experts determined to design and manufacture separation systems. Therefore, designing program started in 2010 and continued to 2013. After that, the company could claim to manufacture a product with higher quality in measurement in comparison with its European and American similar products.

The product is rare in its kind and has various technical capabilities. It is easy to install and to set up and can support from far distance (by internet) and it is guaranteed 18 to 24 months and supplies spare parts for 15 years.

The above features, achieved as result of the company’s researchers and expertshard try, are discovered by the sharp eyes of this industry’s quality supervisors and experts, and it is our pleasure that we can see our attempts result in being truly chosen as the premier manufacturer in 2011 in mechanical room smart system field.

We believe that respecting to idea of protecting consumers rights by continuous quality improvement spreads culture of creative manufacture.