Powerhouse smart system

General Introduction

Powerhouse smart system is a system by that thermal equipment of Powerhouse is used based on thermal needs of inside the building. This recognition occur by interior sensors of Powerhouse and outer sensors of out of building and according to environmental conditions occur by smart system. In addition to consumption reduction of mechanical room, it causes depreciation of equipment reduction and standard heat of inside the building.

To regulate, traditionally, needed water temperature for heating and consumption, an ordinary thermostat is used in the Powerhouse that is regulated on the constant temperature by Powerhouse operator. According to regulation of temperature point, the burners will be off or on. Main disadvantages of these burners are lack of reaction against outside temperature and their operation during a day. Because of this, in the case of reduction and increase of outside temperature, Powerhouse works with the same temperature that causes higher or lower heat than needed, so heat wastes. In office buildings, also, Powerhouse keeps working during night and after work hours.

To solve this problem, using smart control system of Powerhouse with capability of programming for hours and weeks and also equipped to environmental temperature sensors is highly recommended.

This system, which has some sensors inside the Powerhouse and one sensor outside the building, regulates needed hot water temperature (by turning burners off and on) on the base of building conditions by measuring outside environment. In fact, this method produce appropriate thermal energy to needs of building and prevents wasting extra heat.

Because of this reason, using Powerhouse smart system reduces depreciation of equipment and causes gas consumption (according to cubic meter) reduces for 15 % in residential building and for approximately 45%  in non-residential buildings as well. For gas costs increase exponentially, 30 % costs of gas consumption will be reduced.

How is energy consumption saving achieved thanks to chiller smart system operation?

  • Smart control of circulatory cold water inside the building ( fan-coils, … ) based on building requirement
  • Control and providing hygienic interior circulatory cold water (fan-coils, radiators, …. ) based on building requirement.
  • Control of Powerhouse operation according to practical and use time in buildings which are part time.

Technical Specification

Supplementary Parts and Accessories
Performed/implemented Samples
Sensor Installation Site at Entrance of each Unit
Online Control and Monitoring

Supporting and Remote Control System

Most of the time, the consumer cannot regulate the machines appropriately since he doesn’t know how to operate building equipment or operate mechanical room smart system. So, remote control system is used to solve this problem. It is needed that subscriber connect online control device to internet (LAN or WIFI) or Ethernet or in the case of lack of internet availability, subscriber can equip the device to Cell SIM card. Then our experts can connect to the device by computer and internet to regulate the machine appropriately after considering mechanical room data saved in the device and observing thermal sensors graphs and graphs related to time of equipment operation.

By using this method, supporting of these systems can be immediate at any time of day without wasting time.

Central Machine Technical Specifications

ابعاد دستگاه مرکزی 20*12*9 (cm) Main Box Dimensions
وزن خالص دستگاه مرکزی 884 (gr) Net Weight (Main Box)
قابلیت عملکرد دستگاه در رطوبت محیط 85% Operating Relative Humidity
قابلیت عملکرد دستگاه در دمای محیط -20 ~ +50 ºC Operating Temperature
نوع خروجی های دیجیتال / اتصال Relay (16 Amp.) / Phoenix Type of Digital Output / Connection
توان خروجی های دیجیتال 5 ~ 6 Amp. Digital Output Current
تعداد خروجی های دیجیتال 8 pcs Up to 96 pcs Quantity of DO Terminal
تعداد ورودی های دیجیتال 0 pcs Up to 84 pcs Quantity of DI Terminal
نوع سنسورهای دما (حساسیت) Digital (0.01 ºC) Thermal Sensor Type (Sensitivity)
 نوع اتصال سنسورهای دما Wire : RJ45 – Wireless : RF Type of Thermal Sensor Connection
 بسترهای ارتباطی LAN (Internet – Ethernet) & RF (915 Mhz)

USB (Flash Memory)

Communication Systems
پروتکل های قابل پشتیبانی

در شبکه اینترنت و اترنت





(Internet and Ethernet)

نوع ساختار شبکه Web Server – Web Service
 نمایشگر 64 * 128 Dot Matrix Display
حافظه جانبی Life Time (Min 20 Years) : Including Temp., On-Off time, Error and etc With Graph Data Logger
ساخته شده Behsaz Energy (Islamic Republic of IRAN) Made By

Wireless Sensor Specification

 ابعاد دستگاه مرکزی cm) 10.5*6.5*4)  Main Box Dimensions
 وزن خالص دستگاه مرکزی 168(gr)  (Net Weight (Main Box
 قابلیت عملکرد دستگاه در رطوبت محیط  85%  Operating Relative Humidity
 قابلیت عملکرد دستگاه در دمای محیط  -20 ~ +50 ºC  Operating Temperature
 نوع سنسورهای دما (حساسیت) ( Digital (0.01 ºC  (Thermal Sensor Type (Sensitivity
 نوع اتصال به سنسور دما  RJ45  Type of Thermal Sens Connection
 نمایشگر  7 Segment   Display
 بسترهای ارتباطی  (RF (433-915 Mhz  Communication Systems
 ساخته شده  (Behsaz Energy (Islamic Republic of IRAN  Made By


What kind of equipment is smart system capable of controlling?

Smart system is capable of controlling installed equipment in thermal central Powerhouse like burners of hot water boilers and circulation pump of radiator (fan coil), healthy hot water and consumed water reversion.

Can smart system be installed in Powerhouse of old buildings or destruction of building or Powerhouse is necessary?

Since indoor sensors get installed on pipes and outdoor sensors and sensors of inside the building are wireless, there is no necessity of destruction. Because of this matter that no destruction or changes is needed in structure of Powerhouse and they just get installed in electric circuit, smart systems are capable to be installed in old Powerhouse.

Does number of apartments in a building have any effect on the machine?

Since smart system is installed in central Powerhouse and design of system is in a way that smart system is capable to be installed in all around the Powerhouse, so the number of apartments in a building has no effect on the machine. There should be a smart system for every Powerhouse but it is noticeable that Behsaz Energy has deigned its smart systems in a way that can control all required equipment by adding modules.

What buildings can Powerhouse smart systems be used in?

Smart system is able to be installed in the buildings with central Powerhouse (central thermal system)

How long does smart system installation take?

Smart system installation take usually 4 or 5 hours.

How is after sale services of the company? Does smart system need costly periodic checking?

Since manufactured smart system in this company has capability of remote control and monitoring, in the case of any error in Powerhouse, subscriber should call supporting services department and then our after sale experts connect to device, recover former data, recognize the problem and then do necessary regulations or inform the subscriber about the problem if there be any in Powerhouse. It is obvious that providing supporting services for installed equipment by supporting service department is possible from all around the world.

What’s difference between Powerhouse smart system and other methods in saving energy?

  • Effective optimization period in 12 months.
  • Appropriate installation time (able to be installed at any time)
  • Stabilization of relaxing heat
  • Precise control of healthy hot water
  • Intelligent recognition of summer and winter
  • Independence of initial cost from building area
  • And ……

What factors cause reduction or increase of saving in buildings?

Appropriate consumption pattern, sediment in tanks of consuming hot water, pipes and radiators (fan coils), amount of defined hours of blackout in nonresidential buildings, appropriate and precise defining of parameters of device, fit to building circumstances,  not using other heating devices like fireplace, appropriate regulation of former mechanical thermostat according to company’s instruction (exist on boiler)…….

Is it possible to be any problem about temperature in the beginning of the next day in office buildings where their engine is automatically turned off during the night?

Since the system measures outside temperature, it recognizes when it should start engine in order to prevent any problem about temperature when the residents come to the building in the next day.

Does fuel of burner have any effect on smart system?


Is it possible that all equipment start working together after disconnecting and connecting power?

The system automatically brings equipment to the circuit one after another in specified time to prevent equipment from starting working together and being damaged and it also is not needed that Powerhouse operator go there to set up equipment.

What should we do if Powerhouse equipment is broken and we need a repairman to fix?

There is a bottom on the device that after pushing it and entering the password, system puts the Powerhouse to former situation in 48 hours until necessary repairs occur.

Special Facilities and Features

High Precise Controlling of Healthy Hot water to Avoid Temperature Drop, specially, in Time of Peak Use.

Connection of sensors of Powerhouse inside temperature through cable of 3 strands (without needing separated cabling) and capability of installation of wireless temperature sensors, special for out of building.

Including USB port to connect Flash Memory

Unique Operation in Determination of Water (Boiler) Momentary Degree appropriate for Building needs (Unique Heating Chart of every Building)

Lifelong Memory to Store Smart System Operation and Provide the Analyzable Graphs and Charts (storing temperature, equipment being on and off time, crash reports)

Including LAN port, capable to connect INTERNET and ETHERNET under TCP-IP protocol capable of distance controlling and monitoring.


Certificates and Confirmations

Certificate of Competence Qualification

Fuel Conservation Company and Fuel Conservation Community

Fuel Conservation Company’s Confirmation
Patent Certificate
Certificate of Installations Industry Community
Certificate of Operation Quality and Supporting Services
Organization for Renovating, Developing and Equipping Schools of East Azarbaijan Province
Call and Implementation of Technical Topics Proceedings between Manufacturers
Organization for Renovating, Developing and Equipping Schools of East Azarbaijan Province
Confirmation as the Only Capable Company for Implementing the Considered Technical Specifications
Organization for Renovating, Developing and Equipping Schools of East Azarbaijan Province
Contractors’ Competence Certificate
Tehran Municipality Environment Department
Contractors’ Competence Certificate
Tehran Municipality Environment Department
Certificate of Satisfaction
District 13 Municipality
Introduction letter of Tehran City Council
Introduction letter of Tehran City Council
Certificate of Satisfaction and Conservation
Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation
Certificate of Satisfaction and Conservation
Residential Building
Certificate of Satisfaction and Conservation
Residential Building
Certificate of Satisfaction and Conservation
Residential Building
Certificate of Satisfaction and Conservation
Residential Building
Introduction Letter to Behsaz Energy Company for Installation and Testing of Mechanical Room Smart System in Organization
for Renovating, Developing and Equipping Schools of Tehran Province
Efficiency Confirmation from Organization for Renovating, Developing and Equipping Schools of Tehran Province
Introduction Letter of Fuel Conservation Company
To install Mechanical Room Smart System in Ministry of Interior
Introduction Letter of Fuel Conservation Company
To install Mechanical Room Smart System in Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF)
Choosing Behsaz Energy Among the Top 100 Companies in 1390(2011)
Certificate of Operation Quality for Monitoring and Control System
Organization for Renovating, Developing and Equipping Schools of East Azarbaijan Province


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